Diaper Dabbler


I just heard about the Diaper Dabbler from MyBrownBaby.com. Apparently, the company sends you trial sizes of multiple diapers so that you can discover which kind you like best.

From article on Diaper Dabbler on MyBrownBaby.com:

Diaper Dabbler is a service that provides sampler packs of disposable diaper brands—all for the same price you’d pay for one package of diapers that you may end up not using. There are 20 different sample packs to choose from; each have three each of six different kinds of popular diapers you can test out, sans that huge financial commitment. The packs come in sizes newborn, 1, 3 and training pants, allowing you to try out diapers as your baby grows and her body changes and she starts walking, crawling or potty training.

Even cooler: the choice of sample packs cater to whatever it is you’re looking for in a diaper: there’s a pack for the most popular mainstream diapers, one for the most cost-effective diapers, and one for the most earthy and eco-conscious offerings.

Sounds like a great resource for new parents!


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