We Passed Our Home Inspection!!


The licensing person came out and inspected our home Tuesday for our adoption from foster care. I was cleaning up until the last moment. I didn’t even let anyone go into the kitchen after the housekeeper left because I wanted everything to be just right.

Our appointment was for 11:30am and at 10:30am we got a call saying that she wanted to push it back to 12:30pm. At 12:22pm we got a call saying that she was leaving her last appointment. She arrived around 1:15pm.

She came in and sat down at our dining room table, pulled out her laptop and files and started our home inspection:

  • We sat and listened to/read papers required from the state.
  • She went into our kitchen and opened our cabinets, looked in the refrigerator (there was no food because we were leaving for a trip right after she left), and made sure that the fire extinguisher was visible. The housekeeper did a fab job cleaning the kitchen so I wasn’t too worried about that.
  • She looked in every room in the house (including closets).
  • She went outside and took a look in our backyard. The lawn guy didn’t show up and it was a mess! We tried to do it ourselves the morning of. It didn’t look that great … but it was 1) safe and 2) clean.

Everyone that I read online was right: it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be! It’s harrowing to have someone in your home judging you, but it really did seem like she wanted to make sure that our home was 1) safe and 2) clean. It didn’t seem like it was a witch hunt. It seemed like she wanted us to pass. We made two small mistakes (having poisons under the cabinet with no key with a lock and not having a visible emergency kit) and she told us what we did wrong, she told us how to fix it and allowed us a moment to fix it on the spot.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but ….. I’m glad it’s over! On to the next step!





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