Children’s Toys on the Cheap: DIY and the Thrift Store


We love to thrift! As evidence of our love to thrift and of our awesomeness at it …. I present … our two most recent DIY projects:

Fake Craftsman Toolbench

Edgar and Him working on the toolbench.

Edgar and Him working on the toolbench.




We bought this little bench from a thrift store for $5. I found some tools at the thrift store (you can see the little yellow toolbox that they came in at the floor. There are TONS of tools in there too!) for another $5. I found the little construction worker’s hat from a thrift store for $0.10 each. Two cans of spray paint for $5 each. This whole project cost about $20! It’s not as good as this one, but for $109 less, I’ll take it!

Green Lantern Radio Flyer Trike


Took the trike apart.

Took the trike apart.

Painted the parts.

Painted the parts.

Almost there .. .

Almost there .. .



We found this little Radio Flyer trike at a swap meet for $10. We washed it down and painted it with shiny black and shiny green spray paint for metals. The paint was $5 each. For $20 we got a super cute trike that reflects our family colors. It usually costs $60! We have to get a few stickers made with our family motto on ’em, but other than that … we’re done.

Love, love, love DIY!



3 thoughts on “Children’s Toys on the Cheap: DIY and the Thrift Store

  1. Forgot to mention, churches sometimes have spring and fall kid clothing sales. I hit up 2 churches twice a year and can buy clothes for .50 each. There’s no catch, usually it’s just a public fundraising event for the church. You might want to check out CL and then keep checking into those local curch event calendars to find out when the sales will occur.

    • Thanks. Stuff for kids is so expensive! We’re totally getting into this thrifting thing. We have books, clothes, toys, etc. Not only are the clothes cheap (we average between $0.50 to $1.00 per piece) but they brand names in good condition (you don’t have to buy things that aren’t). It’s like a wonderland of awesomeness! =)

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