Skidders Update

almost .... all Skidders ... Lol

almost …. all Skidders … Lol

I was over the moon about finding these cute little shoe/socks for kids named Skidders so I set out to get some for my kid(s) that I don’t even have. Online they are $20 each. I found one pair of black skull Skidders on Craigslist for $5. Then we found a pair of pola dot ones at a thrift store for $5. Score! Then I found out that Target carries them for $13.

I was super excited until I realized that TJ Maxx had them for $6 each! Whoo hoo! We bought three pairs and took the ones from Target back. We ended up with 5 pairs of Skidders ranging in age from 12 months to 24 months … or so we thought!

One of the pairs of Skidders were not Skidders! Ugh! Anyhoo …. now we have 3 pairs of Skidders, one pair of not-Skidders and one pair of monster slippers and one pair of Pedipeds.


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