Adoption Home Study Scheduled


The first part of our adoption home study from foster care is scheduled for March 18th. I’m not sure what’s to come. At least for our home inspection we had a checklist. Now … we have nada ….




3 thoughts on “Adoption Home Study Scheduled

  1. Wow, again, out here in PA, we started the process just before Christmas and just learned we will be certified in mid-March. Things move fast here, and as such, we are halfway through our home study. Our agency gave us info, though, as to what each home visit involves, etc. That’s annoying that no one is giving you a heads up,

    For us, the first visit was a 2-hour interview about our childhoods, attitudes toward certain aspects of parenting, and our relationship as a couple. Hope this helps!

    • That does help. Thanks!

      It does move a bit more slowly out here, but some of it’s on us too. We do want to be matched, but we aren’t in any hurry. It’s like a babymoon phase. We’re looking forward to the next step, but we’re also TERRIFIED of what happens next! Lol

      • Honestly, in a way I feel like things are moving TOO fast! Our agency does *everything* all at once!

        Matching itself could take a while. Our agency does foster placements and adoptions, and they will call us for foster placements while also putting us on their adoption matching list, i.e., you can shoot for both at the same time. (!!!!!)

        Our casework did tell us though that matching (for adoption) w/ a baby or toddler could take several years … but things could be different where you are (i.e., need for adoptive parents vs. actual prospective adoptive parents).

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