Sex Offenders and Foster Care


Just when I want to complain about why the process to be matched with a kid is so odorous …. I read something like this

After auditing the foster care system for the state of California, authorities have unearthed some shocking information.  Their review determined that over 1,000 foster home addresses matched addresses of registered sex offenders.  Right under their noses, sex offenders were taking children into their homes and authorities didn’t take the time to pay attention.

Officials in the child welfare office never compared the two databases, even though the state told them to do it back in 2008.

and just when you thought it was as bad as it could get:

The audits had been requested after Assembly Member Henry T. Perea requested it.  He asked for the audit after a 10-year old boy was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend in 2008.

Even though we’d love to be matched we have to remember that not everyones intentions are good and if the county needs time to sort through all of us to make sure that kids are safe, then that is what needs to happen.



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