Post-Adoption Contact Agreements


I came across this article from the African-American Adoptive Family Members on Facebook and it’s a really good read. I’m not sure what I think about open adoption agreements yet because I have no idea of what the biological family of the child that we’ll adopt is going to be like. I’m guessing that since we’re adopting from foster care there could be a wide range of people that we’ll be dealing with …. and that’s making me think that having a post-adoption contact agreement might be a good idea:

I know I have seen adoption attorney colleagues in states that have enforceable agreements state the PACAs work well, encourage adoption especially in foster care cases, and confirm that rarely is there litigation later because everything is so clearly defined up front.

Of course I have no idea how our adoption will play out until we’re going through it, but the article made me think about some things I hadn’t considered before. If you haven’t read it yet I’d suggest that you head on over there and read it.



One thought on “Post-Adoption Contact Agreements

  1. We have a semi-open adoption. The bio family is out of state. We send letters and email, a few pictures and that’s it so far. I just want to maintain contact so when my daughter gets older she can establish whatever arrangement with her birth mother she chooses. We’ve talked about doing a visit in the future but it’s expensive and our daughter is too young to understand. Since we adopted after TPR, we’ve never met the bio family. Colorado also does not enforce agreements but I try to send quarterly updates anyway. Because ultimately it’s not about me.

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