Helping Your Kid Understand Art … Even When You Have No Idea About It

How do the papers move? What does it mean? Can't answer those questions? Me either .... Lol  Ask your kid!

How do the papers move? What does it mean? Can’t answer those questions? Me either …. Lol Ask your kid!

I just read this article over at and I had to share it. It talks about the five easy steps to exploring art even when you have no idea what it’s about, how it works or why it’s an important piece. Here are the five steps they listed:

  1. Find real art. Looking at a real piece of art can be a far richer experience than looking at a reproduction (like a poster)You don’t have to go to the “best” museum to make this happen, just find something that captures your child’s imagination. Talk about art in your home or look for a public sculpture in a town square. 
  2. Be open-minded. Expect that the child will have his or her own ideas about the art, and try not to interject your own ideas of wrong + right into the conversation.
  3. Encourage careful looking. Get up close or take a look from a different perspective (up high, the side, far away, walk around it)
  4. Ask open-ended questions such as “What do you see?”, What’s going on in this picture/sculpture/installation/etc.”and exploratory questions such as “Do you have any ideas about how the artist made this?”, “If you could add something to this artwork, what would you like to add?”, “If this artwork could talk, what might it say?”, “What would you title this piece?”
  5. Look for an opportunity for related art-making. Making art can help strengthen a child’s understanding and critical thinking skills as they interpret what they saw in two or three-dimensions.

Go on over to the website to read how this mother put these five steps in action with her kid at a museum and how it inspired her daughter to create an installation at their home!


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