Home Study: Joint Interview


Today we had part one of our foster care home study (the joint interview). You always hear people say it’s not as bad as you think it will be and … it wasn’t.


Our adoption worker came over, sat in a chair in the living room while we sat on the floor (yes, we’re weird like that) and talked to us about what kind of kid we are looking to adopt. She went over our intake form and clarified about if we’d take a kid with fetal alcohol syndrome or a kid that was blind or a kid that has a heart murmur. She was awesome about explaining what each thing is and letting us chat a bit about if we’d like to say “yes” or “no” to a call about a baby with said issue.


After we chatted, she took a look at our house (we were in the middle of washing clothes – ugh!) and the backyard. I have no idea what she’s going to write in her report, but she seemed like she thought that we weren’t crazy! Lol

The whole thing took maybe an hour. It was really nice talking with her actually. I’m SO glad that we got her and not someone else. I really feel comfortable with her …. and that’s good because the next thing we have to do is go to her office for our individual interviews. Now, that I am not looking forward to. If you remember what happened the last time I was interviewed in their offices then you’d understand.

You know what? This is a whole new situation with a whole new person. I’m going to stay positive and move forward. After all …  someone in the Thursday adoption class (we were in the Tuesday class) was just matched with a 15 month old this week.






4 thoughts on “Home Study: Joint Interview

  1. I just read your post about your first interview- How horrible!!! I’m sure the next interview will go better. I found during my interview she dwelled on things that I was long over and in ways think make me a stronger person. She perseverated on my mothers spinal cord injury. It sucked to not have a Mom that could function like everyone else’s- but I also learned to cook at a young age, helped take care of my sister, and am extremely independent. What one views as a weakness can be a strength to another.

    • Exactly! We all have had bad things happen to us, but I wanted her to give me an opportunity to show how I responded to those things and what I took from those things.

      I’m SUPER glad that our ongoing adoption worker is the woman that we have now and she seems like she genuinely wants to make good matches. When I talk to her, I’ll keep that in mind: “What one views as a weakness can be a strength to another”. =)

  2. I also went back to read what happened during the first interview. I agree, it’s horrible! During our individual interviews, we were asked about our sex life. I was like, um ‘cuse me? Some of it isn’t the question itself but the way you react. But still, what does my sex life have to do with how I raise kids?

    • EXACTLY! I know that they are trying to asses the whole person, but …. I’m not looking forward to some of the super personal questions. =(

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