Crying at Dog Groomers


So … today’s adventure was taking our pup for his first professional grooming. I had called around and found out that the whole experience would take about an hour. I kept calling until I found a place that would let me wait with him.

When I arrived for his appointment I found out that we’d have to leave him for 3 hours! Since He didn’t seem concerned about leaving him there I agreed to return in three hours … but something happened as soon as I saw them hook on the temporary collar: I got the worst feeling in my stomach.


I tried to be brave since the pup looked fine. I walked out of the building and had a complete meltdown. I mean … I was standing in the parking lot crying like a baby. Leaning on Him like something horrible had happened. I have no idea what the people in the parking lot imagined had happened … anyhoo …

We went out and ran errands, but I kept imagining our sweet little pup caged like an animal … well … you know what I mean. I called after an hour to make sure that they wouldn’t muzzle him. I told them that if he became upset they should call me and I’d come pick him up. I went on with our errands and didn’t get a call.


After about two hours I thought I’d just show up and make sure that things were going well, but on the way there they called us.


When we picked him up he seemed happy to see us. I was relieved at first that he seemed well, but then I became paranoid. Maybe he was happy to see us because he hadn’t been treated well. Ugh.

As a kid my mom was pretty limited about whose house we could visit and even more limited about whose home to stay overnight at. Now I see why! If I’m this concerned about a pup getting a bath then I can only imagine what I’ll be like with our kid being somewhere without us …

It’s funny how I wasn’t worried at all and the feelings just overwhelmed me. I used to think that parents were being ridiculous to feel this way. After this experience I think I’ll be a bit more kind in my thoughts.



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