What Do You Teach Your Kid About Sharing?


I have two little sisters. One of them was a real ….. handful ….. growing up. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had something that she wanted, she started crying and my mother made me give it to her to stop her from crying. Ugh.

Now that we’re trying to grow our family I’m thinking about things like this more and more. I read this article, Why I Don’t Make My Son Share, and it brought up some really good points and reminded me of how I felt all those years ago. I mean … if I have something and you want it, does your want supersede my want? Am I obliged to give it to you? What if it’s my object? Must I share it? What if it’s a community object? How long should I get to use it?

The article is a great read and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Does your household/community have any guidelines about sharing?






2 thoughts on “What Do You Teach Your Kid About Sharing?

  1. We have an only child. We encourage her to share with us, with other kids, with even the dogs. We’ve used a timer in the past and when it goes off, you have to share your item. I love my timer 🙂

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