Tell Marvel Sexist T-Shirts Are BS


I love, love, love me some Marvel …. well I used to. The older I get the more I notice the inherent sexism involved in the world of comic books. I wasn’t thinking about any of this a minute a go. I was on Facebook looking at updates from friends around the world and thinking about my compost pile. And then I saw this update on Huffington Post:

Sexist apparel and toys for children are sadly nothing new, but it’s even sadder that manufacturers continue to produce them. Marvel, the comic book publisher, is now contributing to the boys are strong/girls are weak dichotomy with two t-shirts based on the popular “Avengers” franchise.

The shirt for boys declares, “Be A Hero,” while the shirt for girls says, “I Need A Hero.” Anyone else sick of the idea that girls are incapable of taking care of themselves and being their own heroes?

I’m sure you know how I feel about this. Please share this image, make blog posts about it and let Marvel know that this is NOT okay.



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