London Adoptive Mother Forces Teen Daughter to Get Pregnant

I just read about this on Madame Nior. It’s a case about an adoptive mother that adopted three kids. When she couldn’t adopt a fourth kid, she forced her daughter to carry a baby for her.

Reading this is so sad:

The daughter told investigators she was pretty shocked when her mother asked her to willingly get pregnant but also thought, “if I do this … maybe she will love me more.” She also said “feelings of gratitude for my adoption influenced how I behaved.”

Wanna know what’s worse:

Over the years there were several instances where the authorities and child welfare services were called out to the house when neighbors complained of the mother’s inappropriate behavior toward the children like cussing them out, isolating them from peers and leaving them in the home alone while she was being treated in the hospital for a month.

Each time, the authorities found that there was no cause for concern.

The girl finally got some help:

The mother’s evil and selfish plot was only discovered after midwives reported her aggressive and insensitive behavior during her daughter’s labor. The midwives say that mother tried to prevent the daughter from breastfeeding the baby saying, “we don’t want any of that attachment thing.” They also noticed how the daughter hesitated when handing the baby over to her mother. They called child protective services when the mother attempted to remove the baby from the ward.

Thank goodness the woman is now serving jail time. She obviously has some crazy shit going on mental health issues. Ugh.

The story really reminds me of the Law & Order: SVU episode where a mother had sex with two men, “collected” their sperm and used it to inseminate her daughter so the family could have more children. Remember that one? I guess life does sometimes imitate art … and all these years I was hoping that those stories were coming from someone’s mind …. and not the news …. the world we live in. SMH




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