Mother’s Day eCards for Activisits, Blacks, Latinos, First Nation People, Etc.


What a great idea!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve searched for a card to give a loved one that accurately reflects our relationship. Born day (birthday, earthday, etc.), graduation, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and the like all find me searching the isles like the cure for cancer is buried in one of those little pockets full of cards with smiling white people or sugary sweet words that don’t reflect how I feel. The Mahogany Cards? Ugh! They are either religious or too “sassy” (giiiirl!) for my taste.

Finally I found some cards that speak to me. Strong Families has come up with a line of eCards that celebrate different families and make an effort to put into words all of the different emotions that people in family groups have for each other. Love it!

Here are a few of my favorites below:









Check out all of the Strong Families cards.






4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day eCards for Activisits, Blacks, Latinos, First Nation People, Etc.

    • I know! Can you imagine your loved one being in prison, but you both are so happy to see each other that in that moment … it doesn’t matter. =)

  1. I hate those mahogany ones too. I made one for my SIL from the first pic they sent to me after my nephew was born. Not very many cards cover transracial and mixed race families.

    • I thought that I was the only one not fond of them. Talk about stereotyping! Some Black people are just regular ol’ Black people. Not all of us are entertaining … Lol

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