2nd Half of Home Study …. Done!

We're one step closer ...

We’re one step closer …

Sooooo … today we did the 2nd half of our home study to adopt from foster care. We each had an individual two-hour  interview scheduled at the DFCS office. This one was so much better than our intake interview! She didn’t condescend to me. She let me finish my thoughts. She didn’t make assumptions about my mother being an alcoholic, my father being schizophrenic, me being in foster care or me being molested.

I have no idea if she thought I was a fruitcake, but at least she let me give my side of things. Lol Hopefully all went well and we’re one step closer. Actually, this was the last big step before a placement, no? After she gets everything typed up, as long as she doesn’t think we’re fruitcakes, she’s gonna send it up to Sacramento and then we’re ready to accept a placement, no?


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