Rental Company BS


Soooo … one of the things that CCL needs to complete our home inspection is a letter from our property management company stating that they are aware, and okay with, us having foster children placed in our home.

At our last rental house getting the letter was a challenge because no one knew what this letter was supposed to say (CCL didn’t provide a template) or who was supposed to sign it. I ended up writing one sentence and had the property management company sign it. CCL accepted it and we were done.

This time I thought that since I already had written one that was accepted, this should be easy. I sent the same letter (with updated information of course) over to our current property management company and guess what? They told me that they cannot sign the letter, but we have to have a representative from the company come out to the house and do a walk through. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, but I don’t care about the walk through. I sent another email to make sure that if/when the representative did the walk through they’d be able to sign the letter at that point …. I haven’t received a response.


If they aren’t going to sign the letter then CCL won’t complete our home inspection and that means that our home study can’t be completed. All this to say that we’ll have to move. I am feeling SO stressed right now. Why are things so difficult?

Feeling alternately frustrated and angry.



3 thoughts on “Rental Company BS

  1. The rental company has to give their OK? Would they have to OK you having biological children in your home? “I’m pregnant, are you OK with that?” I don’t think so. How incredibly odd. It doesn’t make any sense.

    • I think when you rent with children you have to tell them how many you have, no? I guess I thought that this was similar. We rented a 3 bedroom 3 bath specifically because we knew that we were adopting. When I signed the lease the lady even asked my why I needed to so many bedrooms with no children. I told her that I was adopting she seemed okay with it. Needless to say, I’m a little taken aback now …. =(

      • But you don’t need the rental company’s permission to have children, and the rental company can’t deny you the residence because you have children. I know we wouldn’t have needed a rental company’s OK to do a private adoption – it wasn’t on the list of papers we needed for the home study.
        I have a friend who, up until recently, was a CPS social worker. I’m going to ask her, because I’m curious.

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