Black Love is Revolutionary

young_black_love_by_manassehart-d4xe3ep10Sometimes you read something that helps you think through your thoughts in a different way. I just read something that did just that.

Being that I’m Black and Mexican I tend to lump all people of color into one category. My mind doesn’t usually think specifically about Black people or Latino people because I’m a mish-mash and I see things as such, but everyone once in a while I’m reminded of how important it is for groups to stand alone and recognize that loving each other is important.

Those unfamiliar with Blacks in America might not the familiar with the term “Black love”. It usually means that two people with Black ancestry (I don’t use term “African” because there are white people in Africa) are in healthy, stable relationship. As in, “Barack and Michelle represent Black love’. While two Black people being in love might not seem like a big deal, to those in the community that are constantly bombarded by the idea of whiteness as the pinnacle of attractiveness and power choosing to love another Black person is downright revolutionary!

Too many times we’ve heard that Black men are lazy and shiftless. Too many times we’ve heard that Black women are gold-digging jezebels. Black skin is too dark. Black hair is too kinky. Black attitudes are too angry. Black income is too low. Whether it’s been stated out right to hinted to with articles, movies, magazines anc conversation … Black people have received the message. If we want good things it’s best to date a white person. They can open doors. They have access. They are attractive. Father - Love their mother

Making the conscious choice, as a Black person, to love a Black person and engage in a healthy relationship and raise a family that knows that Black history didn’t start with Blacks being enslaved in America (pyramids in Sudan, kingdom of Mali, rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia, etc.) and is able to love and appreciate Black people all over the world (because we are all over the world) is revolutionary.


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