Rotary Phones Make Better Children

Telephone-OldIf you’re old enough to be thinking about having children, you probably remember using a rotary phone like this one.

I remember the phone ringing and me running to pick it up before my mom. I remember being a teen and wanting privacy (our phone was in the kitchen near the living room). My mom thought that anything I wanted to say to my friends I should be able to say in front of her … and my sister … and whoever happened to standing in the kitchen, living room or hallway at that time.

Knowing that my conversations were being monitored, directly or indirectly, helped me maintain and age-appropriate conversation. I didn’t know it at the time, but my mom was a genius! As I’m thinking about growing our family, it occurs to me that I might want to steal some of those good ideas.

Right now we have cordless phones (that no one uses anyway because we have cell phones) but I’m thinking that we should invest in a corded phone (or two) so that our teen(s) will get the benefit of my mother’s wonderful parenting.  *wink*

Would you consider putting a corded phone in your house?



2 thoughts on “Rotary Phones Make Better Children

  1. Yes! It’s actually on my lost of things to do that have not been done (though during our last construction process I actually learned our phone line had been cut…). We only have cell phones. What I also miss is the accidental conversations (my mom calls to talk to me but my husband picks up and you chat for a few).

    • I totally forgot about those accidental conversations! Technology is nice (tablets), but we are losing some things (non-technology interactions) too. I’m totally going to get a few corded phones! =)

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