Elimination Communication

Black-baby-potty-elimination-communicationI have heard of elimination communication before, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a Black family doing it! When I read, “How I Potty Trained My 14-Month-Old Using Elimination Communication” I was blown away! Not only did she explain what elimination communication is (learning the cues your child uses to signal when they need to use the restroom and then proving the child access) she also explains how she learned to use elimination communication with her child. She even found out that her mother had used it with her.

I know this is going to make some folks angry, but so be it … I realized that elimination communication could be easy because that’s how we handled my pup’s needs. We got Edgar when he was three months old. He loved, and still does love, being in the house but we were tired of the accidents. So … we started paying more attention to when he needed to go and then we’d take him outside when we noticed a cue. It worked well for everyone involved and the pup hasn’t had an accident in a good long while (he also graduated to a dog door recently).

We don’t have a placement yet, so we don’t know what age we’ll end up with but if we get a newborn we’ll definitely try this technique.

Have you used elimination communication? How did it work for you?




2 thoughts on “Elimination Communication

  1. I don’t know the name of the method we used but starting at 18 months we let her run around naked at home. If she stated to go we ran her over to the potty. If she had an accident we told her that it happens sometimes but that it belonged in the toilet. At 2 she is fully trained except over night and a rare accident. We also used cloth diapers which I swear helped since she felt wet and didn’t like it.

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