Great Books for Black Children

Black-father_children_readI love reading. I spent many an afternoon reading on the couch with one leg hanging over the side. The best part of these afternoon adventures was my mom lying on the other couch reading her own book with one leg hanging over the side. As the stories would progress one of us would gasp and the other would excitedly ask, “What happened?”

Family reading is a tradition I intent to continue. To help you find books that feature Black characters, I’m sharing these two posts:

28 Books That Affirm Black Boys

20 Books, Movies and TV Shows that Affirm Brown Girls


Don’t forget to check out the other book lists that I’ve compiled:

TWO Books on Same-Race Adoption 

Books About People of Color

List of Books About Foster Care and Adoption

Kid Book: “A is for Activist”

Afrocentric Reading List


There’s one book no one should have to read:

Stellaluna: One of the Ugliest Books for Children I’ve Ever Read

I just found this book at the thrift store. I can’t decide whether to re-donate it or burn it. No child should have to read this. Talk about intolerance.






2 thoughts on “Great Books for Black Children

    • I had heard such good things that when I saw it at the thrift store, I couldn’t wait to buy it …. but then …. I read it …. =(

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