When Buying a Car Seat Is An Act of Faith

britax-boulevard-1142-35c-lI have no idea what’s going on with our adoption from foster care because my property management company hasn’t responded to any emails in two days.

The woman from Community Care Licensing (CCL) called me on Thursday and told me that she has never experienced anything like this. She told me that I may have to start litigation. Ugh.

It seems like I have two choices:

  • Move to a new place
  • Fight to make the property management company accept foster care

If we move ….

Not only would we have to pack up a three bedroom house, we’d also have to find a new place and have yet another home inspection and home study interview.

If we stay ….

We could go back and forth and have them stand pat or by the time it gets sorted the lease will be up (it’s only until June 2014) and they might choose not to renew it.

I feel helpless. None of this is my fault, but we’re the ones having our lives toyed with. Part of me feels like maybe this is a sign that we are not supposed to adopt. Maybe we should just choose to live childfree and go on about our lives. Maybe we should just sell all the kid stuff and move on with our lives …

Not-Easy-Worth-ItMaybe we should, but we won’t. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want. I know that there is a child that needs a home that could thrive with us. I won’t give up on that child.

So I’ll go buy a convertible car seat because we don’t know how old this child is …. because I know that everything will get sorted one way or the other … and a child will be placed with us … and everything will turn out okay.

I know it.



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