Relationship With First Family

Family-Tree-Adoption-Means-FamilyI just finished reading this article by a birth mother about the relationship that she has with her daughter and daughter’s family. This si the kind of relationship I’d like to have. Since we are adopting from foster care I don’t know if this will be possible, but I can hope.

The author mentions that:

They are more than I could ever ask parents to be- loving, caring, supportive, strong, stable, beautiful souls. They’ve kept contact open since the day they brought her home, and thank me every time they see me for “everything.” We exchange emails, pictures, news, and stories. I love them with every bit of strength I have.

I cringe whenever I hear an adoptive parent say that they have the child that they were supposed to have. It makes me feel like they think that a child and parent being separated is okay because it ended, in their minds, well.

We’ve chosen to adopt from foster care in the hopes that we can provide a stable family for a child that was not meant for us, but needs …. someone. I also hope that the biological family of that child will still want to participate in their life even if they can’t be the stable family that child needs. It takes a village.


2 thoughts on “Relationship With First Family

  1. One thing I never considered until I was an A mom was that you may find that other family members such as a grandparent might not be able to parent but still wants to be a part of the child’s life. D is very limited in her contact but we communicate at least monthly w Baby Girls extended family.

    • It would be great if we could have that with his family. I don’t know all of the background, but everyone needs to know their biology. If we can take a bit of the wondering out … that would be good. =)

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