Spring Planting – Day 1


Today, we started the seeds that will become our spring garden! This year we’ve chosen to plant:

Roma tomatoes


Red onions


Pickling cucumbers

Collard greens

Italian squash

Green onions

Autumn king carrots


We bought some non-GMO seeds from SeedsNow.com ($0.99 per packet of seeds) and got a 72 section seed starter (about $7) from our local hardware store. We filled each spot with a mixture of starer potting soil and perlite.


Then we poured a little water into each spot.


Then we put two seeds into each spot. We covered each hole with a little more starter soil ….

IMG_20140331_184157labeled each row with a little sticker that had the name of each type of seed.

IMG_20140331_184245and covered the whole thing with the little plastic top that came with the kit. I put it on my dining room table as the directions said to stay away from direct sunlight. Based on my previous experiences, we should see green shoots in about a week!

Happy gardening!


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