Health Care and Foster Adopt

stethoscopeI just received an email saying that we have to have health coverage because the Affordable Health Care Act mandates that all Americans have health care coverage. Since we are adopting from foster care, we have to live by all the laws … ugh. This is bad news because we opted to take the penalty. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but it basically boils down to:

#1 I don’t believe in doctors so  I don’t go to them.

#2 The cost is not affordable for our family.

Of course, the kid(s) would need health care because something is always happening to kids, but this is about us having health coverage not the kid(s). I don’t want to pay for something that I’m not going to use, but now it looks like I’ll be paying for something I won’t use anyway, so my question is: which type of health care sucks least?

HMO – everything is taken care of in-house.

HMO – style – you have a primary physician (the gatekeeper) that decides what happens.

PPO – you can go where you want, but anything out of network is only covered to 50%

EPO – if you go out of network, they pay nothing.



UPDATE: Our adoption worker said that she would submit our home study noting that we have chosen to take the penalty instead of buying health insurance. I don’t know if they will accept it like that, but for the time being …   whoo hoo!



4 thoughts on “Health Care and Foster Adopt

  1. PPO. Definitely PPO.
    We had to have health insurance too, for private adoption. However, we couldn’t get insurance because adopting a child is a pre-existing condition. No joke. It’s like being pregnant. This was before the ACA. I have a pre-existing condition that was on the “do not insure” list of every major insurer anyway. What we got was “catastrophic coverage” which cost us more than $500 per month, and would cover one preventative care visit and hospitalization. Anything else, and we were on our own. Sucked.

    • Thanks. I don’t know anything about insurance stuff. Glad that your family is insured from your husband’s job now. Insurance prices are ridiculous ….

  2. I second PPO. I go once a year for a physical if that. Our first year w Our daughter (not including her NICU stay which was Medicaid) we met our $4000 deductable easy. Glad we had insurance.

    Just shows my ignorance – foster kids go on your insurance? Or do they just want to ensure you can care for yourself (excuse my ignorance please!)

    • We are adopting so they would like us to put the children on our insurance. I’m not sure how much they care about our health! Lol

      The baby that we’ve just been matched with is currently in NICU. Your comment is a good reminder of what could go wrong ….

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