….. and now we wait

Waiting--wandtattoo-life-isnt-about-waiting-wohnzimmerThis is the first time I’ve put everything in our adoption journey together in one list. Whew! This is crazy! It seems like everything is done and we’re just waiting on final approval of our home study. We have conditional approval because it’s been so long that we had to update our financial paperwork. I’m hoping to get full approval by next week so we can be on baby watch 2014! Lol

Here’s our journey so far:

We went to the orientation in May 2012.

Started classes September 2012

Finished classes November 2012

Health screenings November 12, 2012

CPR/First Aid Certified November 17, 2012

Passed home inspection February 2013

Couple interview March 19, 2013

Individual interviews (can’t remember)

Found out that I had a warrant March 2013

Moved to a new place August 2013

New home inspection March 7, 2014

New joint interview March 11, 2014

Crazy crap with property management company March 2014

Final approval for licensing April 1, 2014

Had to update taxes and financial paperwork for home study. Paperwork complete April 2, 2014

Once this is done, we still have to find a match, get a placement, get the termination of parental rights and then head to finalization. Adoption is definitely not the easy way to create a family! Lol


Matched April 21, 2014

Placement April 23, 2014

TPR scheduled and pushed back October 2014

TPR took place January 2015

Signed adoption placement paperwork May 5, 2014

Adoption finalization May 29, 2015

How long did your journey take?


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