The Mysteries of WIC …. Solved!

WIC-1-in-2-infantsI have never used WIC and I’m not that clear on how it works. I have gone back and forth in my mind about if I will use it when we get placement(s) for foster-adopt. Since I have no idea what I am doing, I went to the adoption boards to ask the experts. Here’s what they have to say:

They give you vouchers for the products themselves, not money.
We got 32 cans/month. We only had to buy a few extra cans each month.
They add stuff and change amounts as the baby gets older. They eventually added infant cereal. Eventually they cut the amount of formula and added jars of baby food.

Very well worth it. Where I am it’s only a trip to pick up checks once every 3 months. Usually only takes about 15 mins each time in the office.


The child qualifies because they are on Medicaid/Medi-Cal. No need to worry there.

They give you an amount of formula they calculate to be approximately 80% of what the child needs.


you can get 3 months worth of checks at once (although they have “use” dates so you can’t use them before or after the use date). You have to go in every 3 months to get more and it only takes 15 minutes, but you have to have a review every 6 months (so every other appointment) where you have to bring the child to be weighed and measured and stuff. That appointment only takes 30 minutes. It’s not a big deal and it’s definitely worth the little bit of time and inconvenience to you.

This is a check from Oregon, but you get the idea.

This is a check from Oregon, but you get the idea.

Since I did the math and realized that a baby will go through about $250+ per month in formula, being provided with 80% of that isn’t bad. This woman spent a little more than $3,000 on year of formula! Wowzers! Also, as the kid(s) get older they will transition the vouchers from formula to cereal and then to jar foods (though I want to make homemade as much as possible).


I might be looking into WIC after all. Lol



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