Adoption Photo Shoot …. part two?


We took these images a year ago and now neither of us looks the way we look in the photos. I’m thinking another adoption photo shoot (hey, we’ve got to keep ourselves busy somehow! Lol) to update our profile.

To keep myself busy, I’ve found a few poses that I think are adorable! Take a look!

Photo-Shoot-Latinos-Adoption-Love-Child-Havent-Met-YetPhoto-Shooting-Red-Wagon-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Cups-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Ampersan-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Waiting-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Luggage-Blocks-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Ballons-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Baby-Shoes-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Chair-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Addition-AdoptionPhoto-Shoot-Feet-Adoption-Baby-DogPhoto-Shoot-Shoes-Adoptionand this one is for after you get the little one, but it’s too cute not to share!



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