Adoption Lifebooks

Life-Book_Standing_ShadowI’m not sure if I want to do a bound life book or a scrapbook life book. For those that aren’t clear, a life book is a way for someone to keep their experience/memories organized. Most people that make them that aren’t adopted call them scrapbooks.

Most people like to keep memories of their life. It’s even more important for people that are adopted to have those memories because so many adopted people aren’t able to get their original birth certificates and little knowledge of their first family or their lives before being adopted.

There are many ways that a family can go when making a life book. Some folks have a Cricut and paper and the ability to make a beautiful scrapbook style life book. Some folks aren’t so inclined and may opt for a bound book with templates (this one is $5).

I’m a big fan of scrapbooking but I’m not that great at it. I’d like to do a bound book and a scrapbook. Since we are adopting from foster care and we have a range between newborn and two years old our child(ren) may have more or less experience before they come to live with us. A bound book will be cool for kids to look at. A scrapbook with actual papers, fabric scraps, etc. might be nice for an older child.

Which way did you go? Any tips?


2 thoughts on “Adoption Lifebooks

    • Thanks for sharing your site. I’ll have to check up on it regularly to get ideas! Right now I only have two pages complete. I hope to add more pages as he grows. =)

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