Books About Adoption

I have done lists before, but this list is super good.

Take a look.

It’s so detailed!


Book- AMotherForChocoA Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza is a delightful book about a little bird who tries to find its mother. Choco asks several animals who look somewhat similar to Choco whether they are Choco’s mother. None of the animals are. Finally, Choco sees a bear who behaves as a mother would, although the bear does not look like the bird. The bird accepts the bear as his mother, and meets the rest of the bear’s family, comprised of a baby alligator, hippopotamus, and pig.

Adoption Message: Your mother is the one who cares for you, regardless of whether she looks like you.

Recommended For: Adoptive children, especially in transracial or cross-cultural families.

Book-HowIWasAdoptedHow I Was Adopted by Joanna Cole is a book which caters to children through the use of short sentences, friendly illustrations, and open-ended questions which invite children to respond to the adult reading the story. After a brief introduction wisely advising parents how to share their child’s adoption story with their child, we meet Sam. Sam recites her adoption story, and says that she loves to hear her adoptive parents tell it.

Adoption Message: Every adopted child has their own story. Some of who they are comes from their birth family and some of who they are comes from their adoptive family. Adoption is a story to be celebrated.

Recommended For: Adopted children, between ages 2 and 6; including those adopted as infants.


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