Dreging Up the … Current?

Spoiled-Rich-With-LoveWARNING: This is a sad rant.

Just broke down in tears in the shower. We’re about to have a baby and I don’t have a mom or grandma to help me. This is the first time I have really freaked out about not knowing where my dad is. I would love to have him here.

Then that sent me down the trail of … why can other people have a normal family that they get to see and I have to beg the few relatives I have to visit. It’s passed now … or should I say it been buried again to reemerge another day.

Thankfully, I have a SUPER support system! After telling loved ones about these feelings I got responses like:

You have a “village” to take up the slack where you’re parents are missing! I have done the baby thing 4 times…call me anytime!!!


First thing, you are spoiled rich with love. Second, there is no normal family. Sometime, it’s better to have the family you picked than the one you were given

Even though everything isn’t perfect in my life, I have a career I love a “family” that loves me and the ability to share my feelings without worrying about push-back.

I guess it’s not much of a rant after all …


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