Providing the tools to educate a potential engineer. #STEM

This week His nephew is visiting His’ parents (which live like 10 minutes from us) … which means that we are hanging out with this five year old every day! Lol So far we’ve: played basketball, built a marble obstacle course, gone to story time at the library, got his first library card, gone to the natural history museum, played boomerang in the park, had lunch at a Black business, gone to story time at the museum, decorated an egg, found out where eggs come from and gone to the nature lab. All this is only three days together!

All of this has taught me a few things about myself:

  • I am gonna be an overbearing parent.
  • All the craziness is worth it to see the child use a new skill, use a new concept or smile up at you and give you a hug.
  • An older child might be alright. He’s fun because since he’s older we can do more things.

Come on, home study approval! I’m ready.



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