Bringing Baby Home

bringing_baby_homeWe were matched on Monday morning. After our adoption worker called, we met her at the hospital and stayed the rest of the day just watching him, feeding him, bathing him and generally just being around him. We thought we’d be able to take him home Monday, but his NICU nurse had other ideas! Lol

We returned on day two at 9am. We were told that we’d be out of there by about 1pm. Um … no … Lol We didn’t leave until 4:15pm. The nurse was telling is stuff about taking care of him. His social worker was telling us stuff about the birth mother and getting us to sign paperwork. The hospital’s social worker was checking in to make sure that everything was being taken care of. A discharge person was filling out forms left and right and talking with the NICU nurse. It was hectic.

By the time we were getting ready to leave we realized that we didn’t have the right car seat. We bought a Britax Boulevard convertible car seat that goes from about 5 pounds to about 65 pounds …. but the baby is only 4 pounds and six ounces. I run out to Target and buy a Graco car seat that starts at 4 lbs.

The baby’s social worker tells us that she will follow us home to do a quick home inspection and I start freaking out. Since we got The Call we haven’t cleaned anything. There is gardening stuff on the table because I was in the process of moving my seedlings into pots. There is laundry half done upstairs and downstairs. The dog has had the run of the house for the last two days. We bought a bassinet Monday night and it’s in pieces in the den. I tried to make apple turnovers (to disastrous effect)  and the remnants are in the kitchen … ugh!

She didn’t seem to care. She walked around and asked a few questions, but she was super nice and totally understood! We had the baby all to ourselves … and then it hit me … CRAP! I have to take care of this baby! Lol The baby needs to be fed 45 ml of formula every 3 hours. Needless to say, we did not sleep well last night … Lol

I woke up this morning and was tired and hungry and …. all was right with the world!


6 thoughts on “Bringing Baby Home

    • It seems probable. His mother has a long history with child services and has had other children taken away and adopted. With him, she didn’t name him, didn’t want to see him and has asked her social worker to take her to the court date because she wants to tell the judge that she wants him adopted.

      Can you imagine the pain his mother must be in to have this happen so many times? It seems like she doesn’t want to get her heart broken again and is keeping her distance. The social worker told her about us and said that the mother is really glad that we were matched with him. The court date is May 5th so we’ll have to see how it goes ….

      • Wow, that is really sad. But in cases like that it almost always goes to adoption (unless some relative comes out of the woodwork).

  1. Congratulations on the new addition. My friend always freaks out when it’s time for the social workers to visit. She will officially adopt her daughter next Friday after nearly 2 years in foster. It’s bittersweet, but the children are blessed when the new family is right for them 🙂

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