Making Formula While On the Run

tipI like to do things.

Instead of not doing anything anymore, I’d like to be able to get the baby outside (within limits of course) and see the world! Now, being that he eats every three hours that seemed daunting. When I Googled traveling with babies I saw tips about bottle warmers and the like.The premise is that you can make the bottle, warm it up and take it with you …..  um …. wouldn’t it be easier to just take a thermos with warm water in it and then make the bottle as needed? Hot water doesn’t spoil does it?

Am I missing something?

Please share your best tip(s) for making formula for a baby while traveling. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Making Formula While On the Run

  1. We got a formula travel container like this one from the grocery store ( I’d pre full the bottles w tap water. When is get around to using the water it would be room temp, dump the pre measured formula in, shake and serve. Baby girl was always content w room temp. Formula in the NICU was given at room temp- never warmed so it worked for us.

    Get out of the house!!! The more the better. It’s good for your sanity!

  2. Totally agree with previous responses and your original thought. No need for a bottle warmer. Just premeasured formula, water, and a bottle and you are ready to go. Enjoy your outings with the little one.

  3. Yep, agree with HipHopHomeschoolers. Formula doesn’t need to be warmed. Both my kids drank it room temperature or cold. If you get a reverse osmosis filter for your tap, you’ll have great water even if you don’t usually have great water. I know some of the areas in SoCal have nasty-tasting water. Here too, so we got a reverse osmosis filter. 🙂

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