He’s a Fatling!

I need to figure out how to make a graph, but this baby is growing quickly! When we left the hospital (4/22) the baby weighed 4 lbs. 6 oz. When we took the baby to his first appointment with the doctor (4/23) he weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz. Today, 5/1 ….  (drum roll please!) we found out that the baby weighs 5 lbs. 8 oz.!

The doctor said that we are taking good care of him and she’s pleased with his progress. She also told us to stop feeding him so much! He’s turning into a little fatling and can barely fit into his preemie clothes anymore!


2 thoughts on “He’s a Fatling!

  1. I’m concerned when anyone tells a parent to “stop feeding a baby so much.” If he’s tolerating the food and holding it down, then it’s not too much food. Different babies need different amounts of food. My son had serious reflux issues, and if we overfed him, he simply spit most of it back up. My daughter never spit anything up. She’s always been a big girl, and she always will be – both her birth parents are large people.
    I’d say to check the recommendations for how much formula a baby of this baby’s size should eat. If he’s within that range, or even a little over it, keep feeding him. If he’s grossly over that range, then maybe he doesn’t need so much food. But for anyone to say that he’s too fat and shouldn’t be fed so much at this stage is irresponsible.
    Just my two cents.

    • It didn’t occur to me to check how much babies of his size usually eat. Thank you! I don’t want to create any problems for him, but he still seems a bit hungry. I’ve been giving him 60ml and he seems okay with that.

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