Nurse With Funky Attitude

ab35034.jpgToday He took the baby to the doctor. The first time we went, everyone was really nice. This time ….

He went alone because I had a gig. He told me that:

  • They told him that he didn’t have an appointment.
  • Tried to make him fill out the new patient registration again.
  • Asked him where the mother was. When he responded that I was at work, she made a face and walked out.
  • Didn’t seem to care that the baby was cold when asked if He could wait a bit to undress him.

I’m glad that I wasn’t there because it might have gotten ugly. I’m pretty easy going in general. I believe that life is full of white water and you have to ride the current ….. but don’t mess with my family. I’m upset for Him and I’m upset at the way that the baby was treated.

He said that when the doctor arrived, she remembered him right away and told him not to worry about anything .. .she’d take care of it. Then the nurse we like swung by just to say hi. THAT’S the kind of service we expected.

I like the doctor, but that kind of behavior from the nurse is unacceptable. I’m thinking about writing the doctor a letter. Any ideas of how to handle it?




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