Family is Good

This week my family came out to welcome the baby to our family! It was amazing! We went to the beach. We went to Disneyland (yes, we took the baby and got a photo with Mickey Mouse!). We went to the old city and had lunch.

We sat around the house and let the kids run like banshees. We watched little kid movies. We played little kid games. We had a water balloon fight.

On the last day, my sister burst into my room with a beautiful card, balloons and Jelly Belly candies to welcome me into the cult of motherhood! The week was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad that people are welcoming the baby into our family!

Mother's Day love.

Mother’s Day love.

We even had the chance to sit down and talk about how we might feel if the adoption didn’t go through. Doing adoption from foster care is scary. I’m glad that my family is willing to open their hearts to the baby and hope, along with us, that we are chosen to give him a home. If we aren’t the ones, that’s okay too. Perhaps his family will get it together and he’ll go back to them. Either way, our week was great. We feel loved. Life is good.


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