Lunch With An Astronaut? Yes, Please!

astronaut_moonAm I the only one that didn’t know that you can go visit NASA in Houston? Yes? Okay … Lol I just found out that you can visit the NASA compound and see all this cool astronaut stuff:

New Mission Control – From here, U.S. flight controllers coordinate with astronauts from the many countries that participate in the International Space Station program. Built in 1995, this facility took over from the “historic Mission Control” as part of a $250 million renovation project. This room is manned 24/7 to help our Space Station team with whatever they need.

NASA Tram Tour – A must-do for any visit to Space Center Houston. This is your chance to go on the grounds in the Johnson Space Center and get an up-close look at impossible as it’s happening. You might see astronauts training for the next trip to the International Space Station. You’ll see Historic Mission Control, where we monitored space programs until 1992. This tour also takes you through the awesome Building 9, where astronauts train on their next mission. Plus, there’s the new Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park. This is one attraction that’s impossible to miss.

Facing Mars – “Facing Mars” is a highly interactive and educational exhibit that will launch visitors’ imaginations into the future of human space exploration. With 28 entertaining and thought-provoking activities, participants will experience the real physical, psychological and scientific challenges involved in journeying to the Red Planet.

7 seconds of terror – Freefall to Mars
Guests climb stairs to a platform about 27 feet above the floor. After putting on a safety harness, guests descend to a padded landing zone, slowed by a self-regulating braking system.

Walking on Mars
Guests walk like an astronaut on the Red Planet by the use of a harness and counterweight system. They will feel a 62% weight drop in 30 seconds!

There are other things to do as well, but these are the ones that caught my eye. Our baby is a newborn now, but I’ll tuck this away for when he’s a little older.

Check out the other activites here.




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