Skeptics Know Fiction VS Non-Fiction

skepticEvery now and again I read something that really makes me proud:

“Children with exposure to religion — via church attendance, parochial schooling, or both — judged [characters in religious stories] to be real,” the authors wrote. “By contrast, children with no such exposure judged them to be pretend,” just as they had the characters in fairy tales. But children with exposure to religion judged many characters in fantastical, but not explicitly religious stories, to also be real — the equivalent of being incapable of differentiating between Mark Twain’s character Tom Sawyer and an account of George Washington’s life.”  via RawStory

It’s sad that children that grow up in religion often can’t differentiate between real life and fiction. It also explains a lot about our current state of politics right now. People that can’t discern things that can actually happen from things that could never actually happen believe in regards to rape that, “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” and  that two of all of the animals on the planet were put into an ark to float around for a bit so earth could be replenished with good people.

*blank stare*

I have nothing against religion and love to partake in Christmas (the lights, the pageantry!) and Easter (egg dying anyone?) when the mood strikes. I do have a problem with it being forced down our throats as historically accurate. If you want to believe it, then more power to you but just like you wouldn’t want me telling you that I believe in Dr. Seuss books and live my life by the tales told in those books (and you should too), please don’t expect me to live my life based on the teachings of your religion either.



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