Rocking the Rebozo Wrap

First rebozo wrap attempt.

First rebozo wrap attempt.

When we first brought the baby home, I wasn’t sure how to get him from place to place. Originally, we kept him in his car seat and carried it around. Then a friend gave us a stroller that let us click the car seat into it so we used that. It’s so cumbersome! After rolling around a few summer fairs like that I wanted another option.

I’ve seen people walking around carrying their babies and I was interested. I purchased three different carriers and signed up for a babywearing class but …. none of the carriers felt good and the babywearing class was cancelled.

Eventually I stumbled upon a babywearing group on Facebook with provided me with an answer. I saw a post asking for a wrap that could be made with no sewing and little money. Someone responded that with a length of material one could make a rebozo wrap. Since I was snooping, I tried it at home (I have tons of spare material from sewing) and …. .it worked!

Getting the hang of the rebozo wrap.

Getting the hang of the rebozo wrap.

I have wrapping, wrapping, wrapping ever since. Now that he’s a little bigger (can hold his neck steady) I even use the carriers sometimes. It feels great to be able to get out of the house with so little. When I go grocery shopping without Him, I wrap the baby, put a spare bottle in my back pocket and stride into the store confidently.

Happy babywearing!




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