First Foods for Baby

I think that babies start eating solids around 5 months or 6 months old (when they can hold their neck up) usually. I’ve seen people start with cereal and then move to fruits and veggies, but today I saw this:


Are cereals okay to give to a baby? Are there specific brands of cereal that are better than others? Any advice would be helpful.



2 thoughts on “First Foods for Baby

  1. Baby Girl didn’t like cereal. I learned that rice cereal naturally is high in arsenic so I chose other cereals. I thought of cereal as the carbs of grown ups. I’d mix some in with her food but didn’t insist on her eating it. I think we used one full box in six months. She loved veggies most. Remember he is still getting most of his nutrients from formula and solids initially are just to supplement and teach him how to eat. Just dont put it in the bottle (kills me when I hear of parents doing that).

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