New Social Worker

Team-AdditionI really, really, really liked the team that we had in place but because the foster-adopt process is moving along one of our workers had to change. We still have our adoption worker, but his social worker was an emergency social worker (the person that removes children) and now he has a back-end social worker. She said that she’ll be with us until October when his termination of parental rights hearing and 6 month review hearing is. After that we’ll only have our adoption worker.

With the first team, I would send photos and silly videos periodically because I wanted to share those special moments with them. I’m not sure what relationship I’ll have with the new social worker.

She came over and saw the baby yesterday. She was ….  okay. It seemed like she wasn’t as interested/emotionally involved as the other worker. We’ll only have her until October so I guess we shouldn’t get involved either, but ….  I miss his old social worker already.

When we finalize I’m going to invite the original team.




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