Tips to Avoid Children Being Bitten By Dogs

Our pup hangs out while we read to the baby.

Our pup hangs out while we read to the baby.

I just read this great article with tips to avoid having a child bitten by a dog. The article will help families protect their children (not be bitten) and their pups (not be put down). If you have a dog, I suggest that you go over there and read all of the tips, but here are a few that stuck out to me:

  • Teach kids to stay out of the dog’s personal space when the dog is eating, sleeping, injured or has puppies.
  • Don’t startle or surprise any dog –let the dog know when you are approaching.
  • Avoid hugging, kissing or any activity that puts your face in close proximity to the dog’s face.
  • Supervise all interactions between dogs and children and be sure that both adult and child know the body signs that indicate fear or anxiety.
  • When signs of fear or anxiety are observed, stop interactions between child and dog.
  • Provide dogs with a child-free zone in which to retreat—such as a baby-gated room or a kennel or crate.
  • Don’t allow children to mistreat the family dog, teach them to interact appropriately.

There is a lot more to the article, so make sure you go ever there and read the whole thing. It keeps our pups safe and our children.


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