Tourist and Child Sex Trafficing

“I struggled to imagine how such abuse must feel for a child. I tried to picture my own kids in that situation, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. There was a psychological safety valve that just wouldn’t let my mind go there.”   – Debbie Wolfe

Child-Sex-TourismI just read Most Child Sex Tourists Are ‘Situational Offenders’, Not Pedophiles and it turned my stomach. It talks about how we tend to think that sex tourists go to other countries with the idea that they are going to abuse a child when the reality is that many of these people are just normal tourists that see an opportunity to abuse a child and feel like there won’t be any negative consequences so they go for it.

My eyes filled with tears when I saw the face of the little puppet in the hotel room, his face frozen in terror. Tears because of what these children experience. Tears because a local hotel admitted the tourist along with this little boy, without asking questions. And tears because, in all the time the tourist was building the children’s trust, no other adult noticed something was wrong or stepped in to help.

I’m glad that I read this article about Canadian sex tourism, but I wonder what Americans can do. Does anyone know what someone can do when they think or know that an American has been involved in child sex tourism?

I found this information on the United States Department of Justice website:

  • To report an incident or suspicious situation that may involve the extraterritorial sexual exploitation of children, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) at 1-888-3737-888, or file a confidential online report at Your report will be forwarded to a law enforcement agency for investigation and action.
  • You can also report an incident or suspicious situation to Immigration and Customs Enforcement/ Homeland Security Investigations (ICE) by calling the ICE hotline at 1-866-347-2423, or emailing ICE at

Anyone have any other tips or suggestions?


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