Folding Prefold Cloth Diapers

When we first got the baby we used regular diapers, but now that we’ve been doing elimination communication (which we love!) I’ve wondered about moving to cloth diapers to help out the environment (no plastics in the landfills) and help him want to urinate in the pot instead of on himself (who wants to sit around in a wet diaper?).

I got some prefold cloth diapers and started using them but soon realized …. I don’t know what I’m doing! Lol I put the diaper flat, laid him on top and safety pinned the side together. The diaper stays on, but it looks … off. YouTube to the rescue! I found some really helpful videos and I thought I’d share one that shows how to do different folds.


3 thoughts on “Folding Prefold Cloth Diapers

  1. I loved cloth! Having the feeling of wet isn’t comfortable and disposable diapers wicks the wet away so its not uncomfortable and thus kids will just sit in a wet diaper. She potty trained starting at 18 months and was fully trained by 2. We did daycare so elimination communication was out of the question (though we did naked time every evening at home so she could just run to the toilet on her own). I think we could have trained earlier but we learned at about 18 months that as a result of her ear infections she had become profoundly hard of hearing! Thank goodness we used baby signs!

      • Loved baby signs! I tried to use ASL as much as I could. I wasn’t going to spell Cheerios though. Here is the site I loved best: baby girl tonight was signing with me about dinner. It’s nice to be able to ask her about going pee/poop in public without having to talk about it. (Since she is loud!) I took asl in college but DH just learned a few signs at a time and picked it up fast. Looking forward to your post on how baby sign works for you!! (The first signs I saw that it was working was at 3 months if I signed milk and she wanted it she would grab my hands and put them in her mouth).

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