Skip Baby Food and Go Right to ….. Food

This. Is. Amazing.

Eating-ToddlerAs the baby is heading closer and closer to six months old I have begun reading about first foods Originally I thought that we’d start with cereals and then move to purees, but now I’m leaning toward just waiting until he can feed himself at six months old. I had no idea until I started researching baby-led weaning and found this article that you could just wait until the baby could feed herself and skip the cereals and purees:

…  letting babies feed themselves from their very first mouthful of solid food at six months. No runny rice cereal, no applesauce, no airplane spoon games. Instead they start exclusively on easy-to-grab finger foods like steamed carrot sticks, hunks of banana, and even skinless chicken drumsticks, then progress at their own pace to more complex dishes. They share in family mealtimes and in the process, the theory goes, become more adventurous eaters comfortable with a variety of tastes and textures while acquiring a natural feel for portion control.

This sounds like heaven. I’m sure there will still be a mess but … not having to puree fruits and veggies and then spoon feed the kid at every meal sounds good to me.

Have you hear of baby-led weaning? What do you think?



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