The World Should Not Strive to Be Colorblind

Doc-McStuffinsI am not a fan of people saying that they don’t see color. What does that mean? Are they blind? I don’t want you to not see color. I want you see color and appreciate the differences and samenesses (is that a word? Lol) and be okay. It really scares me when I hear transracial adopters say it. Anyhooo ..

I just read this article on a cartoon character named Doc McStuffins and it encapsulated what mean perfectly:

We who teach and parent white kids should never encourage them to see Doc McStuffins as a raceless, genderless person.

White kids need to associate power and confidence with blackness and femaleness too!

Dont-See-Color-HarvardStudies have shown that, “If you are a white girl, a black girl or a black boy, exposure to today’s electronic media in the long run tends to make you feel worse about yourself.” It’s important for all children, but especially white children due to systemic racism and the power dynamics in America, to be able to see that people can be different and still be awesome! Telling children that we’re all the same is not good enough.

Dont-See-Race-White-PrivledgeTalk with your children about race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, gender and sex. Just because we’re all different doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with any of us. We can see it and be okay with it.




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