Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

Minimalism-for-ChildrenI read this article and I love, love, love it! I wish that I had seen it before the baby was placed with us. People love to buy babies things, which I appreciate, but we already have tons of clothes and toys and games AND we have a small house that stuffed to the rafters with our stuff already. Minimalism, people. We’re shooting for minimalism.

Anyhoo … the article 18 Non-Toy Gifts for Children made my day! My favorite non-toy gifts are:

Classes. Music, dance, riding, drawing, classes are a great way to encourage children in their interests and let them know that you pay attention to them and what they enjoy.

Activities. Mini golf, bowling, skating rink. These are so much fun! And a big part of the fun is going together. Children love spending time with the adults in their lives, they want to see you enjoying your time as well as enjoying them.

Coupons. An envelope of coupons that they can “spend” at any time: I’ll do one chore- no questions asked, movie and popcorn night, you pick the movie!, 1:1 game of cards or basketball (whatever the child’s interest is in), sit and read a book with me, Stay up 1/2 hour past bedtime

Our little one is only a few months old, but it would be nice to have people send swim classes (he can start at 6 months), Gymboree classes, etc. Also, I really want our community to embrace our little one. What better way than by providing him with coupons that he can use to spend time with folks? A trip to the zoo with godmommy? An afternoon being read to by grandpa? Ahhh  … the possibilities are endless!


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