Our Famly Orchard is Complete!

I had been thinking about how to include everyone (first family, second family, friends that feel like family, etc.) in our family tree for a while. Adopting from foster care changes how the family goes. Of course you want to include biological family, but you also want to include first family members. Eventually I came across the idea of a family orchard! Here’s my inspiration:

FamilyTreeAdoptionFriendsFamilyI asked people that are important in our lives to send me buttons. I glued each one to the materials and I plan on stretching the canvas over a frame so I can hang it.

Here’s the finished project:

IMG_20140806_114101The turtles at the bottom represent our immediate family. The star near the base represents his mother. It’s not perfect (I’m not much of an artist) but I love it just the same.



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