Infant-Friendly Treasure Basket (Heuristic Play)

Heuristic-play-indoor-rice-tub-pictureI just read Heuristic play: here’s what’s in my infant-friendly treasure basket on Ah. May. Zing.

I’ve noticed that my little one is starting to put things in his mouth. I purchased some soft toys and thought that I had my bases covered. Um … no. It didn’t occur to me that kids are learning about their world by … putting things in their mouth. Heuristic play just means that kids explore their world by playing with different objects/textures. I love it! I can grab things from around the house like pots and pans, wooden blocks, leather bits, metal measuring cups, etc. It’s a cheap and easy diy project that’s great for infants and toddlers. I’m going to start working on mine by stealing the ideas from the original article: Heuristic-play-Black-toddler

I really like the wooded spoons! Anyhoo … go read the article and tell me about your infant-friendly heuristic play basket. I need some more ideas to steal ….  I mean … incorporate!  =)


One thought on “Infant-Friendly Treasure Basket (Heuristic Play)

  1. A lot of the items on that list really shouldn’t be in a kid’s mouth. If you’re looking for some good baby-friendly, toxin-free “chew toys”, go with the Sophie la Giraffe line. Expensive, but worth it. Babies love them, and you won’t have to worry that he’s getting a mouth full of possible carcinogens or hormone disruptors.

    This play list sounds great for an older child who isn’t putting everything in his mouth, though.

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