Disneyland With 4 Month Old

IMG_20140826_114830We went to Disneyland again today (we have passes, don’t judge! Lol) with the baby. I wasn’t sure if he’d love it or hate it. The last time we went he was about two months old and slept the whole time.

At four months old he is up and looking around, can sit up with a bit of assistance and smiles often. We started out on It’s a Small World. I wasn’t sure if he’d freak out, but he really seemed to enjoy it. He looked around at everything and fussed when his hat fell down over his eyes.

Then we went to Toon Town and got a photo with Mickey (The first one was with a ocean/boat theme. This time it was with the sorcerer theme). There was a great shady spot to change his diaper and we ended up getting some great images of him laughing and smiling. He’s a really happy baby.

We wanted to head to the Haunted House, but it was closed to we went on the Jungle Cruise instead. While standing in line he went to sleep. It’s a good thing I was wearing him in a robozo wrap.

Today I learned a few important lessons about taking a 4 month old to Disneyland:

Wear the baby. Strollers are a pain in the ass. When you take the Monorail they make you fold them up and when you engage with the park you have to find a parking space. It’s not worth it. Get a 5+ foot long piece of material and make a no-sew rebozo carrier.

Make a plan. Before we arrived we already had an idea of what we wanted to get on and in what order. It was nice to have an idea before we arrived so we didn’t have to spend do much time in the sun. You know that babies under 6 months old shouldn’t wear sunscreen, right?

Time it. We tend to visit Disneyland on a Tuesday or Wednesday between 11am and 3pm. There are fewer people which equals shorter lines. With a baby in tow, this is especially important.

Know when to quit. We only expected to be at the park for an hour or two. Babies need to sleep and eat in comfort. Parents need to not go crazy dragging a screaming kid from ride to ride. Set the expectation that you probably won’t spend hours and hours and hours in the park from the beginning.


What’s your favorite tip for visiting a theme park with a baby?



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